Annual Street and Sidewalk Program

This annual project makes improvements to area streets and sidewalks, including asphalt pavement, curb, drive aprons and sidewalk replacement.

In 2023, milling and resurfacing will be done in the following areas: 

  • Norwood St. from Beech Dr. to Beech Dr.
  • S. Prospect Dr.
  • Sherman St.

Kevin Dr. (without shadow) (PDF)

Pavement repairs are planned on the following streets: Carthage, Davey, Gatun, King, Mason, Wolcott, Woodside, Hodgeman Ln., Burnett Rd., Sunnybrook Rd. (south of St. Rt. 261), Meloy Rd. (from Sunnybrook to St. Rt. 43).

Seal Coat work is planned on the following roads:

  • Alley #26
  • Anna Ave.
  • Burns Ct.
  • Carthage St.
  • Davey Ave.
  • Edgewood Dr.
  • Gatun St.
  • Graham Ave.
  • E. and W. Grant Sts.
  • King Ave.
  • Mason Ave.
  • Needham Ave.
  • Perry St.
  • Riverside Ct.
  • Starr Ave.
  • Standing Rock Ave.
  • Walter St.
  • Wolcott Ave.
  • Woodside Dr.
  • Meloy Rd. from St. Rt. 43 to Campus Dr.


Earl Ave. (without shadow) (PDF)

Work is scheduled to be completed in Fall 2023.