Information Technology & Communications

information technology the city of kent

The Information Technology & Communications (ITC) Department provides contemporary, efficient, and accessible technology in computer, media, and communication services, enabling departments and employees to better serve the citizens of Kent. IT strives to lead the effort in innovating, adopting, and implementing technologies that will have a lasting impact on Kent’s services, government transparency, and civic engagement.

ITC supports over 300 users using 200 workstations located across 22 sites throughout the City of Kent.  End user support as well as application administration of the city’s many data systems, such as database and application servers, email and internet presence is only part of the service that ITS provides. 

ITC establishes the city’s overall focus for technology and provides direction for city projects that often have complex technical requirements. Today, every city department relies on technology to operate, and ITS provides the infrastructure and support needed to effectively serve the citizens of Kent. 


  • Maintain and enhance the City’s network infrastructure 
  • Maintain systems and networks availability.
  • Provide direction for current and future technology projects
  • Provide a disaster recovery plan that will assist with business continuity as needed.


  • Provides assistance in the specification, recommendation, purchase, installation and configuration of new and replacement systems and hardware.
  • Protect and secure all data maintained on the central servers by maintaining a system of regular backups and off-site storage.
  • Provide audio visual support for Council meetings and distant education seminars.
  • Provides hardware and software installation, upgrades, troubleshooting, and repair for all City departments.