Speak at a City Council Meeting

Public Participation

All members of the public are permitted to participate in the legislative process of the City Council and the City’s Boards and Commissions. You may participate in a variety of methods including the submission of comments or speaking in person at the scheduled meeting.

Time Limits

  • Individual Speakers- 3 minutes
  • The Mayor may, at their discretion, limit the amount of time allotted to the speaker(s) when needed

Organization of Meeting

The City Council agenda is organized as follows:

  • The agenda starts with consent and ceremonial items such as opening remarks, pledge of allegiance and approval of minutes.
  • Audience Communication follows. If you wish to address Council, you must first sign in with the Clerk of Council. The Clerk will read your name to approach the microphone.

Tips for Speakers

  • Use the microphone
  • Clearly state your name and address for the record before addressing the Council
  • Address your remarks to the whole Council rather than a specific member.