Volunteer Service Program

The Kent City Health Department will accept volunteers on the first come first serve basis provided the volunteer can provide documentation of the following:

a. Current work or course study in public health or related field

b. Documentation of their willingness to work with a target population or specific public health program


Volunteer- Individual who undertakes and performs a service willingly and without pay for the Kent City Health Department. Volunteers are supplement service and do not replace paid staff.


All Volunteers must submit a Volunteer Service Application and current Resume to the Kent City Heath Department. Those volunteers with licensure must submit a copy of the current licensure to perform any duties that will require that information.

Request to be a Volunteer

After submitting your request and documents, please allow a minimum of two weeks for the approval and placement process to be completed.


If you are 18 years of age or older, you may complete and submit our online Volunteer Service Application Form.

In Person

Complete the Volunteer Service Application Form (PDF) and bring to our office:
201 E. Erie St. 2nd Floor
Kent, OH 44240

By Mail

Complete the Volunteer Service Application Form (PDF) and mail to:
Kent City Health Department
201-G E. Erie St. 
Kent, OH 44240


Complete the Volunteer Service Form (PDF) and fax to 330-678-2082.

A personal interview will be set up between the volunteer and the Program Manger to discuss volunteer service. At this time both parties will decide if they wish to enter into a relationship whereby allowing the volunteer to act as a volunteer for our departments. Sites and times for volunteering are decided and assigned as available. The Kent City Health Department will always try to accommodate its volunteers, as we understand you are assisting us and many volunteers have work and school schedules.

Volunteers are trained by program staff and are allowed to perform duties alone, when they are ready, the staff and volunteers determine readiness together. It is the goal of all Kent City Health Department staff to never allow volunteers to be uncomfortable or to be unsure with any policy or duty to do so without resolving the question or concern timely and satisfactorily.

All volunteers must submit proof of immunization, if required by the department, prior to volunteering.

Volunteers will communicate with program manager when they will be unable to make their scheduled time via email or phone call. This should be communicated at least 24 hours in advance if possible.

Volunteers are an important part of many of the Kent City Health Department programs. Without you we could not provide all the many services currently offered. We thank you for your interest and service and look forward to a long lasting relationship.