Parking Enforcement

Compliance Officer Marla Dunn Standing by Police TruckThe second part of the Compliance Officers' job is parking complaints and enforcement. It is important for businesses to have parking available to customers. It is important to have access to sidewalks, since many people in town walk from place to place. It is important to keep the streets clear so they can be cleaned at night. Parking enforcement is not popular, but it is necessary.

Common Violations

There are several common violations that are enforced. They are:

  • Parking longer than 2 hours in designated areas.
  • Backing into a diagonal parking space. All diagonal spaces are head in only.
  • Parking in front yard.
  • Parking downtown between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.


You can view a list of all parking violations and the fine schedule (PDF).

All money collected from parking fines goes directly into the city's general fund.

Parking Restrictions

The Kent City Ordinances list the parking restrictions on each street in the city. A comprehensive list of streets and their restrictions is listed in section 353.02 of the City Ordinances.